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Whether you’re just learning for fun or heading for the industry, Singing Lessons London  have worked with wide range of different vocalists, from those dreaming of stardom to people who just want to sing in the shower a little better! Singing Lessons London have spent countless hours studying with some of the most trusted international names in vocal development and we are here to make YOU a much better singer TODAY! London Singing School has been trained to give you very specific personal exercises that, through repetition and guidance, will build your voice into a strong, flexible instrument with no weaknesses. You then take that instrument and play it in any style you wish.

Singing For Beginners

Our beginners singing program was created to help beginning singers with their singing using the latest methods from specialised, certified vocal coaches

Power – Range – Control
Pop – Rock – Musical Theatre – Classical
Expand Your Repertoire
Prepare For Auditions
Learn The Craft of Performing A Song
Master the Art Of Belting
Males and Females – Beginners to Pros – Adults and Children